Say "NO" to an unfair grocery tax in Oakland.

When you do the research for yourself you see Oakland costs enough already – now grocery prices could go way up!

Oakland city council approved a ballot measure that could raise prices across the board at restaurants and grocery stores in city limits.

We need to focus on the most pressing problems like affordable housing, homelessness, transit and crime. The last thing we need is a tax on groceries.

Oaklanders have higher priorities for city government than regulating our food and beverage choices.

This November, Oakland voters will be asked to vote for a tax on thousands of grocery store items, including juice drinks, teas, sports drinks and other favorites. It’s a ballot measure some are pitching as a health initiative. But in reality, the tax could be applied to everyday food and beverage items, raising restaurant and grocery prices for all Oaklanders. Let’s take a closer look:

  • This won’t necessarily result in higher prices only on beverages - the increased costs to businesses can be spread to all grocery items.
  • There is no guarantee that the tax money collected by this measure will be spent appropriately. City politicians are free to spend the money however they choose and can divert it anywhere they want.
  • A new tax on beverages is regressive and will hurt low-income and working families the most. At a time when middle- and low-income people are struggling to afford living in the city, we should not be increasing taxes on groceries.
  • This is the wrong approach to solving the obesity epidemic – no single food, beverage or ingredient is a unique contributor to obesity or any other health conditions. Taxes don’t make people healthy, only diet and exercise can do that.

We’re working to keep Oakland affordable.

That’s why we’ve joined together and formed No Oakland Grocery Tax to stop a new tax that would raise the cost of common grocery and restaurant items.

Learn more about the negative impact a grocery tax increase would have on Oakland’s jobs and families, and join us in the fight against taxes that raise the cost of living in the city.